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3 Affordable Ways to Restore Cracked, Sunken Concrete

While concrete is generally an extremely durable material, it's not totally maintenance free. Over time, concrete can get moldy and dirty or even crack and sink in places where the earth underneath it is soft. It's only made of rock and cement, after all.

The good news is that most concrete can be brought back to life, without the headache of full-on replacement. Just give us a call! Here are four affordable options available to you.

1. Raise sunken slabs

One of the most common issues we deal with as concrete repair specialists in Wyoming and Colorado is concrete that has heaved or settled due to extreme weather conditions. This can create dangerous trip hazards and high steps, or even send rainwater and snow melt rushing toward your basement.

Fortunately, with modern advances in concrete-lifting technology, we can quickly and easily raise these slabs at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Plus, the entire process only takes a couple of hours. As we like to say: Don't replace it. Raise it!

2. Power wash your concrete

Concrete lifting is one of the best solutions out there for restoring craked, sunken concrete. But once its back in place, there are still a few extra steps you can take to get it looking particularly fresh. First up? Power washing.

Since concrete is a porous surface, it is easily penetrated by dirt and mold. While there are lots of chemical cleaners out there designed to clean concrete, there's nothing better for the job than water. Hey, the process can even be therapeutic. Wash it all away!

3. Caulk joints and cracks

When concrete sinks, it usually also cracks. Particularly in Wyoming and Colorado where the ground often freezes, thaws and refreezes, it's unlikely a fresh slab will last long without a crack. Sometimes, this is just a cosmetic issue. But cracks and gaps that hold water can grow in size as that water freezes and expands.

To prevent damage to your concrete, get the cracks and gaps in your concrete filled with silicone caulk. It will dry flexibly and won't shrink and crumble over time. Looks pretty spiffy too!

Ward Insulation & Concrete Lifting to the rescue.

Ward Insulation offers homeowners in Northern Colorado and Southeastern Wyoming state-of-the-art concrete lifting and insulation solutions. Ask us about our services. We are eager to serve you!


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