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July 31, 2020

We all want a safe, comfortable home. But that comfort comes at a price — financial and environmental — if your home's basic systems run inefficiently. An old furnace or clunky air conditioning unit can be a huge drain on your budget and waste the energy that local util...

July 15, 2020

It can be so easy to spend "an arm and a leg" on household utilities if you aren't paying close attention to how much electricity you use. It takes a lot of energy to run a house! Fortunately, there's quite a lot you can do to reduce how much you spend on those monthly...

February 6, 2020

Like a lot of the United States, Wyoming and Colorado have experienced some pretty major cold spells this winter. (We all know those gorgeous spring-like days are the exception, not the rule.)

The simple solution, of course, is to crank up the heat and bundle up with a c...

November 28, 2019

From lighting your home to transforming your porch into a glowing winter wonderland fit for Santa (and every awe-struck neighbor), decorative lights are about as festive as it gets. Unfortunately, while they are a staple on every Christmas tree, traditional string light...

September 25, 2019

Electricity is one of those utilities that is notoriously hard to control. Have a leaky pipe? You'll know about it pretty quickly. Start taking shorter showers? Your water bill will reflect that. Electricity, on the other hand — how do you know whether the culprit is a...

March 27, 2019

Using clean, renewable energy is easily one of the most effective actions you can take to reduce your impact on the environment. Today, electricity production tops the list as the number one source of greenhouse gases, as well as toxic buildup in our air and water. Yike...

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